Martin Ansdell-Smith

Communicating the message

Who, why, when, where and how

Effective communication takes into account who the intended recipients are, why the communication is relevant to them, when, where, and how they are expected, or should be able, to access it.

Communications and Churches

Church Publishing and Outreach (CPO) Toolkit

CPO provide print and design services for UK churches. The toolkit has links and resources to help churches to improve their communications. The toolkit and its associated blog support four church communication Reach Out print booklets by Laura Treneer, Innovation Director for CPO.

Nicola David, Publicity and the Local Church

Published by Grove Books in 2007 and available as a PDF or in print.

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This is a separate area but bear in mind …

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Copy-editing and line-editing


Language references

These references are from my own experience as a native English speaker. I use books in print, or as an e-book (e.g. Amazon Kindle), or online from a website, or as an Android App. The availability options I give for the books below are ones I use, have used, or am aware of. They may be available in other formats that would be better for you.

Subscription services

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